Reiki Testimonials

I loved the class so much! The hours flew by. The class was very fun, interesting, hand-on, and Michelle has so much knowledge. I can’t wait to move on to level II. — Courtney S.

Very informative. I really enjoyed the hands-on experience the most. It amazes me how much energy can effect you, others, and relationships. Thank you for your time, energy, and intention today! You are a light! — CK

Very Interesting. I do feel moved and open. I will continue my Reiki training to explore what it may become. — Jen

Michelle is wonderful. Whenever I leave I feel centered and relaxed! She is a great healer! — Darelle Walsh

The most amazing experience I have ever had!!! Michelle has such an amazing gift with Theta healing and Reiki. I have never had either and I am amazed by the weight lifted and positive energy flow after just one session!! She was spot on with my life issues thank you from the top of my shining chakra crown! — Blythe Weston

Michelle is an intelligent and beautiful person. I trust her skills and knowledge like no other. I have no hesitation to give my absolute highest recommendation for her services. — Ann Marie

This review is from Cindy Cole. Michelle is an Earth Angel. Wonderful healer and guide. I truly have been blessed by her touch and I am ever so grateful to have found her. She does this work for all the right reasons. If you feel the need for her services do yourself a favor and do not hesitate to visit with her. — Harry Cole

I came in tired and depressed. I left light and hopeful. Every time I work with Michelle I gain more insight and have better focus and sleep so much better! — Gloria Cotton

A positive experience! Amazing peace of mind! Very grateful!! — C.F.

I had my first session two weeks ago and have never felt better. The first night after my session I slept better than I have in 25 years. I felt incredibly energized and positive. She also taught me several ways to relax. Michelle has a true passion to help people. — Laurel Watson

Michelle truly has a gift. I have had her do both Reiki and Theta Healing on my daughter as well as myself. I always leave with a great sense of peace and a greater understanding of my own emotions and feelings. She does all this work with love and understanding. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in alternative healing. — K.V.

Reiki Level 1, 2, & 3 Course Testimonals

Michelle is truly gifted. I would say to anyone curious about the healing energy path to take this class. Thank you Michelle! We all have this ability to self heal. Michelle opened me up to realize it. — Darla B.

Wonderful! So many things make more sense to me. Felt empowered and more comfortable with my journey. Loved the feeling of being surrounded by peace and love. Great group and I’m so excited. — D.S.

This was an amazing experience. I learned to trust my inner guidance and myself to serve the highest good of others. I had so much fun and learned so much. I am very excited to move forward with these new teachings! Michelle is a gifted and wonderful teacher. — Patrick S.

I wanted to thank you for such another amazing first degree Reiki experience. So grateful for you! — B.W.

Comfortable environment and very informative. Useful information to help in the Reiki process. — Cindy C.

I have attended a number of Michelle Smith’s Reiki classes and one-on-one therapies. I have found them to be informative, personal, and life changing. Michelle shares her years of experience to break down information for even the novice. I walked away feeling empowered and excited about my ability to tap into my emotional, mental, and physical well being. I see life differently now. Instead of being fearful when changes occur I look at them as life experiences and opportunities waiting to arise. Highly recommend for people who want to stop living in stress and high anxiety. — G.C.

The most enlightening course I’ve ever taken. Wish I would have discovered it sooner. The course taught me to truly be in touch with my mind, body, and soul. The training helped me better manage my chronic pain with Crohns, diverticulitis, and ulcerative colitis. It also helped me discover the healing of others. Reiki has helped me better manage my stress and deal with life issues. It’s amazing and Michelle gives 100 percent to her students and clients. — L.W.

Michelle gave a clear and very easy to understand class; one can sense her generosity sharing her knowledge and experiences. One can feel her energy and desire for others to be successful at helping those around her. So glad to have met her and learning from her. You won’t regret meeting her. –I.B.

Great, very detailed, patient.  You can feel the love and how open you are as far as teaching and purpose of Reiki. — D.Z.P.

As a newbie to Reiki healing class, I am short of words to express my experience. IT WAS AMAZING!! A wonderful experience that I have never experienced until today. Mrs. Michelle Smith is an awesome teacher. Class was interesting from start to finish. — Ambika Raj

Excellent class. Lots of info and hands on experience. Very comfortable environment. — T. T.

This class has been very instructional. It has enlightened my sense and willingness to heal not only myself but others. I really like Michelle. Her knowledge and the sharing of information and experience has given me the trust to come back for next classes. — A. G.