Accent Modification

I actually love listening to accents.  They are not only beautiful to hear, but they also tell a story of each individual, reminding us to embrace, love, and accept differences in culture. I’m not interested in changing “you” – only in helping you achieve your communication goals. I am a Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and Certified PESL (Pronouncing English as a Second Language) Accent Modification Instructor from The Institute of Language & Phonology.

Can I change my accent?

Yes, with lots of hard work, practice, and the help of a qualified speech-language pathologist (SLP), you can learn how to change your speech pronunciation. Changing your accent is also known as “accent modification” or “accent reduction”. An SLP can provide services to speakers who want to modify or reduce their accent. People who receive these types of services include the following:

  • Non-native English speakers
  • Speakers who want to reduce a regional accent
  • Business and medical professionals who want to improve their communication skills because of a foreign or regional accent

What can I expect from a speech-language pathologist?

You should first receive a thorough evaluation of your individual speech pattern. The SLP will evaluate your:

  • Sound pronunciation (consonants and vowels)
  • Stress, rhythm, and intonation of speech

You may be asked to read words, sentences, and paragraphs. The SLP will also listen to your speech in conversation. After all of this information has been collected, the SLP will determine what can be done to modify your accent and improve your overall communication. A set of goals based on your individual needs should be developed. Training sessions may be individual or in small groups.

I use an online program which includes an initial assessment of your speech patterns.  From there, I create a list of target sounds for us to focus on in the program.  The goal is to gradually work the new speech patterns into daily life and work settings. We will meet weekly (either in person or online) to work on these.  After each session, you will be given homework.  With Options 1 & 2 below, this is done on an interactive web-based training program that gives you opportunities to record your home practice and share recordings with me. It is best to use these materials every day to practice, repeat, review, and reinforce the pronunciation skills you addressed in each of your weekly sessions with me.

Some companies offer to cover the cost of instruction for accent modification, so you might want to check with your employer.

PESL Certified Accent Modification Program Options (1 & 2 only):

Option #1:  13-week standard program is $1499 plus $130 for online materials access. Includes evaluation, weekly instruction, homework, and lifetime access to the individualized, interactive web-based PESL training program.

Option #2:  7-week training program for people with very mild accents is $899 plus $130 for online materials access.  Includes evaluation, weekly instruction, homework, and lifetime access to the individualized, interactive web-based PESL training program.

Option #3: For those who prefer a self-paced approach, with more control over the number of sessions you want.  This option allows you to pay as you go, and the number of sessions is determined in collaboration with the instructor.  Includes evaluation, one-to-one instruction sessions in office or web-based, and homework for practice of pronunciation skills learned in sessions.  Evaluation and sound analysis work-up is $279.  From there, each session is $120.

Please call or email with any questions, or to determine which program is appropriate for you.